Our names are Tim & Sarah Brygger.

We founded The Tribal Family a year after Tim graduated from seminary, where he earned two master’s degrees: one in Theology and one in Christian Formation & Soul Care.

Before attending seminary we served a stint in Brazil with Cru, Tim worked for a decade as a freelance graphic designer, self-published a book on Christian identity, and collaborated for a year with Focus on the Family on The Family Project: a DVD teaching series regarding God’s design for family. During seminary he was involved with the Spiritual Transformation and Discipleship Alliance – having been invited to take over as director – and, through that network, co-led day retreats for ministry leaders. Post-seminary Tim has served as an interim professor at Denver Seminary, and was contracted by the seminary to co-write a booklet for incoming students that seeks to equip them to thrive spiritually in an overbearing, academic environment.