stage one: refine our material

Our approach to Christian family formation has been tested and is being assembled as the “Tribal Journey” – a guidebook which will walk participants through conversations, prayerful discernment, and suggested practices for incarnating God's Kingdom as a family, in and around the home.


stage two: scaling up

In January we launched our free email subscription: Tribal Notes. This subscription represents a growing tribe of individuals and families hungry for their homes to become sanctuaries and sources of God’s redemptive kingdom culture. 

We will launch the “Tribal Journey” early 2019 – making it available to our subscribers and a growing list of churches and para-church organizations.


stage Three: disciple the disciplers

We are exploring suitable approaches to equip leaders who are naturally positioned to shepherd Kingdom families. Our vision is to facilitate a bottom-to-top and top-to-bottom regeneration: a Kingdom People, spiritually thriving in their homes, AND practical steps for churches and para-church organizations to cultivate the families who are in their care.