We mentor individuals & couples to lead their families in:

Whole-life Worship: Seeing God’s design in everything and everybody. And reveling in it!

Experiencing God and Imaging God: Growing into our calling as co-creators with God, and stewards of His creation.

Establishing each Family's Kingdom Identity: Cultivating each family as one-of-a-kind mediators between heaven and earth, in ways that endow a lived and experienced faith to our children, and to our children's children.


stage one: fine tune our material

We are in the midst of this first push. The approaches to Christian family formation we have tested with our pilot group are now being retooled as a remotely accessible experience – accompanied by a guidebook * that will walk participants through group and couples conversations, personal reflection, prayerful discernment, with practical tools and practices for incarnating God's Kingdom with each other in and around the home.

* the resulting guidebook will be a stand-alone resource.

In January of 2018 Tim began teaching the whole of the material within a church body in the Denver area to further develop its effectiveness in three ways. 1) To fine-tune effective discipleship of individual families. 2) To test the curriculum's impact on whole church bodies. 3) To develop an approach to equipping church staff to carry the vision forward within their own body.

We will also be equipping and encouraging through our free subscription based newsletter: Tribal Notes. (Currently being revised for greater impact – set to relaunch in late 2018.) This subscription represents a growing tribe of individuals and families around the world who are hungry to know Jesus and see God in the routine of their everyday living. 


stage two: scaling up

We are continuing to collect a list of organizations, churches, and individuals hungry for this material. Most recently, we are exploring a partnership with a major para-church mission who would love to use our approach and tools for mentoring on-staff couples and families.

In order to best serve this growing list we are planning for the ability to launch groups at churches and retreat centers, and then move them through the curriculum together. We already have partners lined up for helping us test and develop this second stage of our curriculum development before our public launch.


stage Three: disciple the disciplers

We are exploring and developing appropriate approaches to multiple levels of consulting and mentoring. And in the future (beyond 2019) we will develop augmenting materials for those whose role in ministry or in an institution naturally positions them as a shepherd to families.